How is Quake different now that it has moved from Youth Encounter to Life Promotions?

The Quake program, speakers, musicians, and event directors (Jennifer Miller and Amanda Clark) remain the same. Quake has a new logo, website, and simplified registration process. Captive Free, the young adult volunteer program that provided many of our Quake volunteers did not continue when Youth Encounter closed. For this reason, we will need additional volunteers to make Quake happen. If you or someone you know would like to volunteer, please contact the event director listed on your specific Quake webpage. Former Quakes, Quake Zones, and Zones are now all branded as “Quake.” Quake is open to grades 6-12 (with the exception of Baltimore, Harrisburg, and Wichita which are only open to grades 6-9). Details on changes in registration may be found in other FAQs below.

What is the schedule?

5:30-7:30 PM – Registration
Opening Celebration begins at 8:00 PM
Junior Guide Session
Group Mixers
Adult Leader Meeting
Family Time

Morning and Evening Celebrations
Workshop Registration
Midday Devotions
Variety Show
Late Night Activities
Family Time

Family Time
Closing Celebration ends at 11:00 AM

Celebrations – Large group gatherings with multi-media, scripture, prayer, message, and music
Junior Guide Session – Designed for select leadership students in grades 10-12 who registered for the Jr. Guide program
Campfire – End of the day large group worship
Family Time – Devotion/discussion time within youth groups
Midday Devotions – Large group gathering time for discussion within groups
Late Night Activities – Fellowship activities that may include a dance, praise and worship, high and low energy games, prayer room, etc.

Meals are not provided. Unless otherwise specified on a specific Quake web page, meal breaks are generally 1-2 hours. A sample schedule is also included in the Leader Packet. A specific schedule for your Quake will be available online the week of the Quake.

How do I register for Quake?

All registration occurs online. An adult leader registers the group by choosing the number of participants attending, the number of sleeping rooms you will need, and the number of t-shirts you want to order. You pay in full with a credit card at the time you register. There is not a staff registrar for Quake, but please contact our office at 1-800-955-5433 if you have registration questions.

Do we need signed waivers from each participant?

Life Promotions does not need a signed waiver from each participant. However, when purchasing event tickets, you agree to the following statement: As the adult leader of this group, I have signed parental consents for each child attending. The parents have agreed for their child, heirs, executors and administrators, to assume full responsibility for any risks of loss, or personal injury, including death that may be sustained by the child as a result of their participation in Quake. They further agree that Life Promotions owes no obligation of care and shall not be liable for consequences that may otherwise be considered negligent. They also release, waive, hold harmless, discharge, and covenant not to sue Life Promotions’ staff, volunteers, or sponsors for any liability, claims, demands, expenses, attorney’s fees and causes of action, including negligence, that the child might now have or may acquire in the future, arising out of or relating to any loss damage or injury sustained by participating in Quake. Participation in or attendance of Quake events constitutes the voluntary consent of the participant to: (a) be photographed, filmed, or videotaped and, (b) the reproduction and use of all such photographs, digital images, films and likenesses for publicity purposes without further notice or compensation to participant. Attendees hereby releases Life Promotions all proprietary rights and copyrights in all such photographs which shall be and remain the property of Life Promotions.

I’ve never been to Quake – what should I do?

The first thing you should do is get excited! Quakes are amazing gatherings for youth to grow in their faith. It is going to be great! Check out the Leader Packet online. (We recommend reading the Leader’s Guide first.) A program and Trek/Pathway (workshop) grid specific to your Quake will be available online the week of your Quake. If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Event Director listed on your Quake’s webpage.

Can we come to a Quake but not stay at the hotel?

Yes. The program fee is $90 per person until the Early Bird Registration Deadline, $115 until the Standard Registration Deadline, and $140 during Late Registration until the Quake begins. Evaluations show that youth groups do not recommend staying off-site because the group misses out on the community that forms from staying together for the whole weekend with the other groups.

Who is a Participant?

A participant is anyone registered for the Quake, including adult leaders, Junior Guides, and youth.

Do adults have to pay too?

Yes. All participants (youth and adults) attend the event for the same price.

What is the role of adults at Quake?

While each church may require different levels of involvement from the adults they register for Quake, at least one adult must be onsite accompanying the group for the duration of Quake. This adult must be at least 21 years old. We strongly recommend an adult to student ratio of 1:4. We encourage adults to participate in all activities. The energy of the group usually matches the energy of the leader.

What is available at Quake for adults?

In addition to experiencing all the amazing ways God moves through Quake, please take time between sessions to introduce yourself to other adult leaders. This opens opportunities for adults to network, share, pray, grow, and brainstorm together. Depending on space and volunteers, an adult leader workshop is sometimes offered. If you would like to volunteer to lead an adult or youth workshop at Quake, contact the Event Director listed on your specific Quake webpage. Updates on whether your Quake will have an adult leader workshop may also be found on your specific Quake webpage.

What are Junior Guides?

Junior Guides are high school students in grades 10-12 who attend with your group to serve as positive mentors for the youth and support for their adult leaders. We recommend a Junior Guide to youth ratio of 1:5. Junior Guides are not substitutes for adult leaders. Junior Guides attend specific training sessions where they can build relationships with one another; grow in their leadership skills; and have special opportunities to participate in leadership roles on and off stage during the weekend. The fee for a Junior Guide to attend Quake is the same as all other participants. The Junior Guide Program provides valuable youth ministry experience for the high school students. Because of the role Junior Guides play during the weekend, it is important that you choose students who will take this role seriously. We further encourage you to allow them to take on leadership roles such as leading Family Time with your group. Please keep in mind that not all high school students attending will likely be interested in the leadership program so please choose your Junior Guides wisely. Choose only those senior high students who are willing and interested in participating fully in this program. When you register, there is a place to indicate high school students who will be participating in this program. In the Leader Packet, there is a Junior Guide Pre-Event Bible Study for the adult leader to do with the Junior Guides to help prepare them for Quake.

What about meals?

Meals are on your own. You may bring food items with you, go out to restaurants, or have food delivered to the hotel. The hotels have local restaurant information. You may want to plan your meal schedule and locations before Quake so you can plan a meal budget.

We CANNOT provide a conference room or public spaces for meals. Nearly all of our hotels bar guests from bringing in, or allowing third-parties to bring in, food in the conference rooms and public spaces. You may bring food into your guest rooms. Please do not eat in the hallways outside your rooms, as this is a fire hazard. You must be contained in your sleeping rooms.

What are the workshops, and how do I register for them?

Middle school workshops are called Treks. High school workshops are called Pathways. All workshops are finalized 1-2 weeks prior to Quake. Once finalized, you will be able to download an information page from your specific Quake webpage. Registration for Treks and Pathways will take place at Quake. Check the specific schedule for your Quake to find out when and where this will happen.

What if I can’t fill my sleeping rooms to capacity?

There is no additional fee if you do not fill your sleeping rooms to capacity. Sleeping rooms have two double beds, which makes room capacity four people per room (except for Centralia, WA, Concord, NC and Wisconsin Dells, WI which also include a pull-out sofa in each sleeping room. These sleeping rooms technically can hold another two people on the pull-out sofa, but for the sake of comfort we only recommend one person on the pull-out sofa). You may bring a sleeping bag and pillow and have one additional person sleep on the floor. Fire codes prevent most hotels from putting rollaway beds in rooms with two double beds. (Allentown, Chicago, Harrisburg, Phoenix, and Virginia Beach do permit rollaway beds in rooms with two double beds when available. If you are interested in using a rollaway bed, please contact the hotel directly and pay the rollaway bed fee at the front desk after you check in to your room on Friday. Hotels have a limited number of roll-a-way beds. Roll-a-way beds are provided on a first-come first-serve basis.)

Can we get adjoining rooms for our group?

You may request adjoining rooms when you register, but understand that we cannot guarantee any room requests. We are dependent on the hotel to provide us a room block which may or may not include adjoining rooms. Some hotels have no sleeping rooms with two double beds that connect to other sleeping rooms with two double beds. Many groups request adjoining rooms, which prevents us from being able to guarantee the availability of adjoining rooms for your group. If you request more than one pair of adjoining rooms, please be aware that it is highly unlikely that we will be able to honor this request. Adjoining rooms are spread throughout the hotel and not located in one area.

Can we share sleeping rooms with other groups?

Yes. However, for liability sake, Quake does not pair groups together in sleeping rooms. You may make arrangements on your own with other groups to share sleeping rooms. Whichever group registered for the sleeping room is responsible for any damages to that room.

Who are the speaker and musician?

This information, and much more, is available on your Quake’s specific webpage.

Is there a refund for cancellations?

No. If someone in your group cancels, we encourage you to find a replacement person to use their registration. You may switch out registrants at no additional fee. We do not know the specific names of your group members until you turn in the completed Housing Form at the Adult Leader’s Meeting Friday night at Quake. If you need a different wristband, bring the wrong wristband to the Quake Information Booth and we will switch it for the wristband that you need.

When do we get our pre-ordered t-shirts

Pre-ordered theme t-shirts will be available for pick-up Friday evening at the Quake Information Booth. Theme t-shirts will also be available for purchase at the Quake sales table, but the discounted pre-order price expires on the Standard Registration Deadline date for your specific Quake.