What is the Quake Covenant?

Posted on Jan 2, 2019

The Quake Covenant states the following: 

  • We agree that those present with our group- adult leaders and youth, are considered event participants and agree to abide by this covenant.
  • We commit to prioritizing the safety of others and ourselves, so that we can focus on our relationship with God in this environment. 
  • We commit to being respectful of the hotel and each other’s property as we are ambassadors for our church and Christ. 
  • We commit to a modest dress code, to not be a distraction to each other as we pursue Christ. 
  • We commit to being distraction free so that we and others can pursue Jesus. 
  • We commit to pursuing all that Jesus has for us this weekend. 
  • We commit to trusting and communicating with our leaders this weekend. 
  • We commit to being open in the times of worship and respectful of those around us. 
  • We commit to having fun in Jesus’ name.