Do you have questions about Quake? We have compiled some frequently asked questions and provided answers below. If you have additional questions, please contact us.

Quake is looking forward to returning to in-person events. Realizing COVID-19 is still a concern, we are implementing the following mitigation strategies at all Quake events:

  • We recommend wearing masks in group areas such as the main ballroom and workshop or late-night activity rooms.
    • We strongly encourage unvaccinated participants to wear masks.
    • Masks will be available on site.
    • Masks may be required in some spaces such as the service project workshop.
  • We recommend social distancing when possible.
    • Please do not crowd the stage area.
    • Allow for a few seats between groups.
    • Consider taking the stairs instead of the elevator.
    • Do not congregate in close areas such as the ballroom foyer.
    • When exiting the ballroom, please stay with your group and allow space between your group and the group in front of you.
    • We ask adult leaders assist in implementing these practices.
  • Church groups are responsible for ensuring the health of their attendees – both youth and adults – prior to traveling to Quake.
    • Participants should stay home if they are not feeling well or have been exposed to COVID-19 within the last 10 days.
  • If a participant exhibits symptoms at Quake, please do not attend group activities and report symptoms to the main group leader.
  • Quake will closely monitor state and local guidelines for each location and will follow recommendations for the area. Please note these are subject to change at any time.
  • Please see the following for practices put in place by the hotels/local recommendations to help ensure safety at their locations:

The Quake rules and regulations can be found in your Leader’s Guide for the weekend, will be displayed at the Quake Info Booth on site and is also a part of the weekend announcement loop for all to see.

  • We agree that all those present with our group, adult leaders and youth, are considered event participants and agree to abide by these rules & regulations.
  • We agree to be part of all scheduled activities at the event in conjunction with our group leader(s).
  • For our own safety, we will not go out alone and we will keep our doors closed at all times.
  • We understand that illegal activity, including underage drinking, by event participants is prohibited both on and off site during the event. We also encourage adult leaders to follow the example of event hosts and abstain from consuming alcohol during the event to emphasize the importance of the example they set.
  • We will make sure that our group leader(s) know where we are at all times. We will not leave the event hotel without our leader’s permission.
  • We agree that we will have at least one adult leader onsite with our group throughout the duration of the event.
  • We will report any illness or personal emergency to our group leader. If we cannot find our group leader or need additional help, we will go to an event host or the front desk for assistance.
  • We understand that if we break or damage anything at the event hotel, we (not Life Promotions) are responsible for working with the hotel and fully paying for the repair.
  • We agree to be quiet and inside our rooms during the listed curfew time (unless we are with an adult leader and quiet).
  • As event participants, we agree to have adult supervision while in hotel rooms when mixed genders are present.
  • We agree to adhere to a dress code that is modest and appropriate. Should questions arise regarding modesty and appropriateness of dress, an event host will have the final say.
  • We understand that, by registering for a Life Promotions event, we agree to allow Life Promotions to take pictures or video during the event and use them for promotional purposes.
  • We agree not to do anything that would jeopardize the enjoyment or safety of the other participants and guests at the hotel.
  • We agree to abide by the guidelines stated above and to help one another abide by them as well.
  • If we choose not to follow these rules & regulations, we understand and accept the consequences decided upon by our adult leaders and/or Quake event hosts.
  • We understand that Life Promotions reserves the right to refuse the opportunity to participate in Life Promotions programs to people whose behavior is dangerous or questionable.

The Quake Covenant states the following:

  • We agree that those present with our group- adult leaders and youth, are considered event participants and agree to abide by this covenant.
  • We commit to prioritizing the safety of others and ourselves, so that we can focus on our relationship with God in this environment.
  • We commit to being respectful of the hotel and each other’s property as we are ambassadors for our church and Christ.
  • We commit to a modest dress code, to not be a distraction to each other as we pursue Christ.
  • We commit to being distraction free so that we and others can pursue Jesus.
  • We commit to pursuing all that Jesus has for us this weekend.
  • We commit to trusting and communicating with our leaders this weekend.
  • We commit to being open in the times of worship and respectful of those around us.
  • We commit to having fun in Jesus’ name.

Pre-ordered theme t-shirts will be available for pick-up upon your arrival at Quake. Ask at the registration booth where to pick up the shirts. T-shirts will also be available for purchase at the Quake sales table, but the discounted pre-order price of $12 expires on the Standard Registration Deadline date for your specific Quake.

No. If someone in your group cancels, we encourage you to find a replacement person to use their registration. You may switch out registrants at no additional fee. We do not know the specific names of your group members until you turn in the completed Housing Form at the Adult Leader’s Meeting Friday night at Quake. If you need a different wristband, bring the wrong wristband to the Quake Information Booth and we will switch it for the correct color wristband.

This information, and much more, is available on your Quake’s specific webpage.

Yes. However, for liability sake, Quake does not pair groups together in sleeping rooms. You may make arrangements on your own with other groups to share sleeping rooms. Whichever group registered for the sleeping room is responsible for any damages to that room.

You may request adjoining rooms when you register, but understand that we cannot guarantee any room requests. We are dependent on the hotel to provide us a room block which may or may not include adjoining rooms. Some hotels have no sleeping rooms with two double beds that connect to other sleeping rooms with two double beds. Many groups request adjoining rooms, which prevents us from being able to guarantee the availability of adjoining rooms for your group. If you request more than one pair of adjoining rooms, please be aware that it is highly unlikely that we will be able to honor this request. Adjoining rooms are often spread throughout the hotel and not located in one area.

There is no additional fee if you do not fill your sleeping rooms to capacity. Sleeping rooms have two double beds, which makes room capacity four people per room (except for Wisconsin Dells, WI which also includes a pull-out sofa in each sleeping room. These sleeping rooms technically can hold another two people on the pull-out sofa, but for the sake of comfort we only recommend one person on the pull-out sofa). You may bring a sleeping bag and pillow and have one additional person sleep on the floor. Fire codes prevent most hotels from putting rollaway beds in rooms with two double beds.

Please see your event specific web page to see if they permit rollaway beds. If you are interested in using a rollaway bed, please go to the hotel’s front desk to check availability and make arrangements after you receive your room assignments at Quake registration. Hotels have a limited number of rollaway beds and they are provided on a first come, first served basis and cannot be reserved ahead of time. If there is a charge, you are responsible for paying it at the time of request.

Workshops are interactive breakout sessions and are finalized 1-2 weeks prior to Quake. You will be able to download an official program from your specific Quake web page the Wednesday before your Quake. Registration for workshops will take place at Quake. Check the specific schedule for your Quake to find out when and where this will happen.

Meals are on your own. You may bring food items with you, go out to restaurants, or have food delivered to the hotel. The hotels have local restaurant information. You may want to plan your meal schedule and locations before Quake so you can plan a meal budget.

In addition to experiencing all the amazing ways God moves through Quake, please take time between sessions to introduce yourself to other adult leaders. This opens opportunities for adults to network, share, pray, grow, and brainstorm together. Depending on space and volunteers, some Quakes may offer options for adult leaders during the workshop times. If you would like to volunteer to lead a workshop at Quake, contact the Quake Director listed on your specific Quake webpage. Updates on whether your Quake will have an adult leader workshop may also be found on your specific Quake webpage the Wednesday prior to your Quake.

While each church may require different levels of involvement from the adults they register for Quake, at least one adult must be onsite accompanying the group for the duration of Quake. This adult must be at least 21 years old. We strongly recommend an adult to student ratio of 1:4. We encourage adults to participate in all activities. The energy of the group usually matches the energy of their leaders.