Do you have questions about Quake? We have compiled some frequently asked questions and provided answers below. If you have additional questions, please contact us.

One of the highlights of Quake is seeing all the creative and crazy outfits youth and adults come up with for Crazy Dress Night! Even though we aren’t together this year, you can still dress up, if you’d like! You can dress up FOR Quake or even before we gather and take pictures to post in the Photo Section of WhovaAlthough we don’t have a Quake backdrop for you to take your pictures in front of this year, we encourage you to create a fun backdrop with your group or have each person create their own fun backdrop to take pictures and post. To help inspire you, we have created some fun photo booth props you can print and attach to dowel rods to spice up your pictures! 

The agenda for Virtual Quake can be found in the Whova app on the bottom of the screen or on the website,, on the left side of the screen, which you can access once you have registered for Virtual Quake and create a profile in Whova. Virtual Quake will go live at 11 AM Central on Saturday, February 27, 2021. Virtual Quake consists of opening and closing Celebrations, workshops, improv comedy, an escape room, social activities, built-in break times and is scheduled to last 6 hours. Friday Kickoff content is available starting February 26 and includes a pre-recorded Celebration and a pre-recorded Campfire.  

This year’s Global Offering will go to Rice Bowls, a Christian non-profit that feeds orphans around the world. For more information on this ministry, visit 

As part of engagement during our Virtual Quake, all participants will have the opportunity for individual interaction, in addition to group interaction. In order for this to occur, each youth leader will need to input email addresses for anyone in their group who they would like to have individual access, which will allow participants access to our interactive games, community boardpolls, etc. during Virtual Quake. This access will require use of a personal device, such as a smart phone, laptop, or tablet. 

Leaders should enter their group’s email addresses HERE. Once submitted email addresses are entered by Quake, the individuals will receive an email from Whova inviting them to create their profiles for the event. Email addresses will not be shared with anyone outside of Quake. 

Yes! On-demand access is available for purchase. It can be added to existing registrations or purchased separately. You can access pre-recorded content from Virtual Quake, including Celebrations, Campfire, pre-recorded workshops and bonus content for up to 6 months after Virtual Quake. (please note – some live components such as the escape room, improv comedy and live workshops may not be available on-demand.)  

While messaging cannot be turned off, attendees can make their profile private or “invisible.” By making the account private, attendees will not receive messages or be visible to other attendees but will still be able to interact through polls, community board, Q&A and the chat feature.  

Each attendee who purchases a ticket will receive: 

  • Access to our web and phone app 
  • Individual access to the Friday night Kickoff content for one person on February 26, 2021 
  • Individual access to the Virtual Quake for one person on February 27, 2021 
  • Resources available for download on event page 

You may request adjoining rooms when you register, but understand that we cannot guarantee any room requests. We are dependent on the hotel to provide us a room block which may or may not include adjoining rooms. Some hotels have no sleeping rooms with two double beds that connect to other sleeping rooms with two double beds. Many groups request adjoining rooms, which prevents us from being able to guarantee the availability of adjoining rooms for your group. If you request more than one pair of adjoining rooms, please be aware that it is highly unlikely that we will be able to honor this request. Adjoining rooms are often spread throughout the hotel and not located in one area.