What are the rules & regulations for Quake?

Posted on Oct 9, 2019

The Quake rules and regulations can be found in your Leader’s Guide for the weekend. Please go over these with your group so everyone understands the expectations of Quake.  

  • We agree that all those present with our group, adult leaders and youth, are considered event participants and agree to abide by these rules & regulations. 
  • We agree to be part of all scheduled activities at the event in conjunction with our group leader(s). 
  • For our own safety, we will not go out alone and we will keep our doors closed at all times. 
  • We understand that illegal activity, including underage drinking, by event participants is prohibited both on and off site during the event. We also encourage adult leaders to follow the example of Quake staff and abstain from consuming alcohol during the event to emphasize the importance of the example they set. 
  • We will make sure that our group leader(s) know where we are at all times. We will not leave the event hotel without our leader’s permission. 
  • We agree that we will have at least one adult leader onsite with our group throughout the duration of the event. 
  • We will report any illness or personal emergency to our group leader. If we cannot find our group leader or need additional help, we will go to a Quake administrator or the front desk for assistance. 
  • We understand that if we break or damage anything at the event hotel, we (not Life Promotions) are responsible for working with the hotel and fully paying for the repair. 
  • We agree to be quiet and inside our rooms during the listed curfew time (unless we are with an adult leader and quiet). 
  • As event participants, we agree to have adult supervision while in hotel rooms when mixed genders are present. 
  • We agree to adhere to a dress code that is modest and appropriate. Should questions arise regarding modesty and appropriateness of dress, a Quake administrator will have the final say. 
  • We understand that, by registering for a Life Promotions event, we agree to allow Life Promotions and The Awaken Project (ministry partner of Quake) to take pictures or video during the event and use them for promotional purposes. 
  • We agree not to do anything that would jeopardize the enjoyment or safety of the other participants and guests at the hotel. 
  • We agree to abide by the guidelines stated above and to help one another abide by them as well. 
  • If we choose not to follow these rules & regulations, we understand and accept the consequences decided upon by our adult leaders and/or the Quake administrator. 
  • We understand that Life Promotions reserves the right to refuse the opportunity to participate in Life Promotions programs to people whose behavior is dangerous or questionable.